Sophie’s Universe

Wow!  I guess I’ve been so busy crocheting secret surprises that I haven’t been posting anything to my blog lately.  Trust me, I’m still busy with my hook and yarn…lots of lovely yarn 🙂

Here’s my most recent HUGE finish!  So proud of this as it’s been the largest and most challenging thing I’ve completed to date.  The bad part is that it makes “easy” projects just no fun to do.

Here she is, Sophie!

IMG_6974  IMG_6943

She was a 20 week labor of love created in Red Heart Super Saver in the color Aran.  It took approximately 15 skeins of yarn to complete (or 5460 yards).

This was a gift for a good friend of mine who came all the way from Kentucky to pick it up.  I think she was at least a little surprised!


Here’s a link to the Ravelry page with tons of projects for color ideas here.  And the link to Dedri Ury’s page Look At What I Made.  She designed Sophie’s Universe and graciously made an extensive pattern including detailed photos that made this project good even for beginners.  I learned a ton doing this project and feel much more advanced in my skills due to completing this.


My first pattern ever!

I’m super excited!  I just wrote my first pattern ever!  I’m not thoroughly versed in writing in “crochet” but I think I get the point across enough to get the job done, plus I added pictures to help along the way.  I hope you enjoy my festive “Be My Valentine” square!

In case you’d like to find this pattern on Revelry, you can click this link and it’ll take you directly there!  Please post photos of your squares and finished projects, I’d love to see them all.

“Be My Valentine” Square

I used worsted weight yarn and a 5.00mm hook. The square ended up being about 7”x7”. I’m thinking a 6.00mm hook would create a square approximately 8” around.

Round 1: Create a magic ring. 12dc into the ring. Join with a sl st to beginning dc. (I used a standing double crochet but you can start your first double crochet with a ch3).


Round 2: ch3 (counts as first dc, or use a standing dc) dc in same stitch, dc in next, 2dc in next, *ch2, 2dc, dc, 2dc* 3 times. Ch 2 join with a sl st in first dc.


Round 3: Ch3 (or standing dc), dc in same stitch, dc in next 3, 2dc in next, *ch2, skip chains and 2dc in next dc stitch, dc in next 3, 2dc* 3 times. Ch2 and join with a sl st to first dc.


Round 4: Ch3, dc in same stitch, dc in next 2, 2dc, dc in next 2, 2dc, *ch2, skip chains and 2dc in next dc stitch, dc in next 2, 2dc, dc in next 2, 2dc* 3 times. Ch2 and join with a sl st to first dc.


Round 5: Skip first 2 dc, 8dc in third dc, sc between the next 2dc group (see photo for placement), skip 2dc, 8dc in next, *3sc in the ch2, skip 2 dc, 8dc in next, sc between next 2dc group, skip 2 dc, 8dc in next* 3 times. Join with slip stitch in beginning dc. Fasten off and switch to border color.

IMG_6352 IMG_6353

Round 6: Attach border color to any 3sc group, using the first sc of the group. Ch2 (counts as first hdc), hdc into next 4, sc in next 2, hdc, *sk 3, (4tr, ch3, 4tr) into center dip of top of heart, sk 3, hdc, sc in next 2, hdc in next 7, sc in next 2* 3 times, hdc in last 2. Join with a sl st into beg ch2.


Round 7: Ch1 sc in same space, sc around with (2sc ch2 2sc) in each ch3 corner. Sl st join to beg sc. Fasten off and weave in loose ends. You should have 25 sc on each side of the square (100 sc and 8ch).


I had to steam block my square to get it to flatten out. I didn’t use the nicest yarn (it was pretty stiff acrylic). Once I  steamed it, it softened up quite a bit and was nice and flat. I think going to a 6.00mm hook would help it lay flat also.

Simple Pompom Hood

Woohoo!  I finished something!


I’m totally in love with this hat pattern by Kim Miller.  You can find it on Ravelry here or on her Etsy page here


Hoods seem to be all the rage lately and I particularly like this one because the spot at the back of the head isn’t pointy.  So many I see lately have that look to them, and while it’s not necessarily a bad look it just doesn’t suit my tastes.

I’m really excited because I’ve already gotten orders from two co-workers for hoods, one in charcoal grey and the other in olive green.  It’s going to look fabulous.  I’ve also already started another one in Red Heart Boutique in the color Winery, which is one of my favorites!


You really can’t have too many hats/hoods this time of year….right?

Happy hooking!


Oh my gosh I’ve been neglecting my blog.  I don’t know why, I guess like just got kinda busy.  No good excuse really.  I haven’t stopped crocheting though!

I’m part of a granny square swap group on Facebook which is a lot of fun.  I recently purchased three skeins of Ice Magic Light yarn in three different colors because I can finally get it here in the US without paying a ton for shipping!


Isn’t it gorgeous?  I just love it.  It’s really soft a squishy too, although as you start to work with it it feels a bit scratchy, not bad though.

So, remember I mentioned that swap group?  Since I didn’t purchase enough of any one color to really make anything I used all three to make granny squares for my group.  In all I managed to make 64 squares that I sent out today.  Since I’m not really doing anything for Christmas this year I figure that’s my gift to 64 almost complete strangers.  Hopefully everyone likes their squares.

Check out my dining room table (in horrible need of a refinishing I know) completely filled with squares!


I don’t think my iPhone camera catches the colors in their complete glory, but it’s close.  So vibrant and beautiful.

In case you’re wondering where I purchased my Ice yarn from, it’s from She also has the fabulous Stylecraft yarns here in the US too.

Happy Hooking!

It’s Done! Lacy Round Ripple Blanket

I’ve finally finished the Lacy Round Ripple Blanket!


I’m so happy with how it’s turned out.  The yarn self-stripes beautifully, even though they aren’t full stripes all the way around I really like how the colors contrast and join in different places.

Three balls of Lion Brand BabySoft yarn in the color Circus ended up making this 44 inches point to point which should be just perfect for a baby size.


I can’t take credit for the design or the idea.  Louise Gallagher has a Facebook page called Loobys Loops and she comes up with some wonderful designs and color combinations.  There isn’t anything she does that isn’t wonderfully beautiful.

The link to the Lacy Round Ripple Blanket pattern is here.  Also check out Ravelry for pictures of other completed blankets.

Lacy Round Ripple Blanket

First of all, let me just say how much I love self-striping yarn.  It’s so pretty and takes the work out of weaving in all the ends.  It’s kinda lame that the best self-striping yarns all seem to be available in the UK and not in the US.  Yes, I know you can pay to have them shipped here, but the shipping literally costs more than the yarn itself and I just can’t bring myself to pay for it.  I’m in love with the Ice Yarns Magic Light yarn.  One of these days I’m going to splurge, just not today.

I follow Loobys Loops on Facebook.  She always has the best color combinations and designs.  Recently she posted her version of the Lacy Round Ripple Blanket using a self-striping yarn and I was hooked….literally.

I set out to find a yarn that would be comparable.  It wasn’t an easy task.  Of course it doesn’t help that the only craft store I have close is a Joann’s Fabrics and it’s not a full store, just a small version of what the larger stores are.  I did come across something I thought might work though and so far I have to say I’m loving it.  I found Lion Brand Baby Soft in Circus Print.

I’ve just finished the first of the three balls of yarn I bought and I really like the effect it’s making.  I wish the lengths of color were longer, but it’s still making a nice effect.



So, one ball done and it’s measuring 24 inches from point to point.

I’ve never made a circular blanket before but I kinda like it!

Oh, one last thing.  I attempted this patter first just by reading the pattern, which I’m pretty good at and I struggled.  This is not a pattern for beginners at all.  I was lucky to find a youtube video showing how to get started.  Once you get the hang of it this blanket works up really easily.  Here’s a link to the video!

Happy hooking!

Something New

I’m a glutton for new projects!  I’ve just not been feeling the mojo for the full size twin (with overlap) blankets.  I’ve been setting a self-imposed deadline of Christmas to have all three done and I just don’t see that happening.  I crochet because I enjoy it and because it’s relaxing.  When I start feeling stressed out about it I tend to avoid it because it starts to feel like work.  That being said I’ve decided to do a “quick” project!

Here’s a little sneak peek!


This is my first experience using Stylecraft yarn, which is normally found in the UK.  Here is the US we tend to use a size 4 worsted yarn more often than anything and in the UK it seems to be common to us a size 3 DK weight.  The weight difference is taking a bit to get used to but the yarn itself is very soft and pretty.

It’s tough to find a supplier in the US that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg.  Luckily I discovered Texas Yarn Farm!  I’m pretty sure I’ll have to order more yarn to complete this blanket but I also have a variegated blue that I have an idea for too.  Enough to keep me busy while I’m waiting for yarn mail.

The pink variegated yarn in this project is called Wondersoft Merry Go Round in color Strawberry.  I happen to know someone expecting a baby soon, but don’t know if it’s going to be a boy or girl.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and have started with the right color.

Here are some more pictures to give you a better idea of the colors.  I just love it!  Makes me a happy hooker 🙂



And here are all the other circles I have ready waiting to be made into squares!


In case you’re wondering about the pattern, I’ve modified the Three Beans in a Pod pattern called Retro Circles.  Check out Adele’s page and show her some love!

Happy Hooking!

Dog Sweater Update – It’s Done!

I’m loving how this pattern turned out! I took these photos of my chihuahua Fiona because I thought they were hilarious and show her attitude so well, but I assure you she really does love wearing her new sweater. (PS – no dogs were harmed in the making of this sweater, lol).





It did come out a little big, but I plan on making more and now that I have some experience with the pattern I feel I’ll be able to adjust it better on the next go around.

Happy hooking!

Dog Sweater

Wow!  It’s been a while since I posted.  I’ve not been feeling the crochet mojo the last few weeks for some reason.  I think it’s more that life has been busy rather than me not wanting to crochet.

Here’s a cute new project I just started.  I have three dogs so I’m going to attempt to make them each a sweater.  The neat thing about this pattern is that it will work for any dog.  The tough part about it is that there are no stitch counts, so you just wing it.  Hopefully it’ll turn out good.

Here’s a link to the pattern, which I did purchase from Amazon.  There’s also a Youtube video that goes along with the pattern and it’s free.  Both the pattern and video are by Woolpedia.

I’ll be sure to post a picture when I’ve completed the first sweater!

What are you working on these day?

Granny Skull

This morning as I was scrolling through my Facebook I stumbled upon a Halloween granny square pattern!  I had to give it a try and I’m happy with the results.  I did have to do a few modifications, like adding an extra tooth.   For some reason it just didn’t look right when I went with the pattern, but it was probably my error.  Also, it’s supposed to have three rounds of granny square around the outside but I ran out of orange yarn a few stitches from the end…don’t you hate that?

Here’s a link to the pattern over at Crochet Nirvana!


Happy hooking!