Oh my gosh I’ve been neglecting my blog.  I don’t know why, I guess like just got kinda busy.  No good excuse really.  I haven’t stopped crocheting though!

I’m part of a granny square swap group on Facebook which is a lot of fun.  I recently purchased three skeins of Ice Magic Light yarn in three different colors because I can finally get it here in the US without paying a ton for shipping!


Isn’t it gorgeous?  I just love it.  It’s really soft a squishy too, although as you start to work with it it feels a bit scratchy, not bad though.

So, remember I mentioned that swap group?  Since I didn’t purchase enough of any one color to really make anything I used all three to make granny squares for my group.  In all I managed to make 64 squares that I sent out today.  Since I’m not really doing anything for Christmas this year I figure that’s my gift to 64 almost complete strangers.  Hopefully everyone likes their squares.

Check out my dining room table (in horrible need of a refinishing I know) completely filled with squares!


I don’t think my iPhone camera catches the colors in their complete glory, but it’s close.  So vibrant and beautiful.

In case you’re wondering where I purchased my Ice yarn from, it’s from https://www.texasyarnfarm.com She also has the fabulous Stylecraft yarns here in the US too.

Happy Hooking!


Something New

I’m a glutton for new projects!  I’ve just not been feeling the mojo for the full size twin (with overlap) blankets.  I’ve been setting a self-imposed deadline of Christmas to have all three done and I just don’t see that happening.  I crochet because I enjoy it and because it’s relaxing.  When I start feeling stressed out about it I tend to avoid it because it starts to feel like work.  That being said I’ve decided to do a “quick” project!

Here’s a little sneak peek!


This is my first experience using Stylecraft yarn, which is normally found in the UK.  Here is the US we tend to use a size 4 worsted yarn more often than anything and in the UK it seems to be common to us a size 3 DK weight.  The weight difference is taking a bit to get used to but the yarn itself is very soft and pretty.

It’s tough to find a supplier in the US that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg.  Luckily I discovered Texas Yarn Farm!  I’m pretty sure I’ll have to order more yarn to complete this blanket but I also have a variegated blue that I have an idea for too.  Enough to keep me busy while I’m waiting for yarn mail.

The pink variegated yarn in this project is called Wondersoft Merry Go Round in color Strawberry.  I happen to know someone expecting a baby soon, but don’t know if it’s going to be a boy or girl.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and have started with the right color.

Here are some more pictures to give you a better idea of the colors.  I just love it!  Makes me a happy hooker 🙂



And here are all the other circles I have ready waiting to be made into squares!


In case you’re wondering about the pattern, I’ve modified the Three Beans in a Pod pattern called Retro Circles.  Check out Adele’s page and show her some love!

Happy Hooking!